heading to FL

Wow Rich & Frankie let me ride in the Cadillac :) I'm big pimping for sure.
We are in West Virginia & only get country on radio........Mr Rich is not happy.
Take care friends, more to come

More from PA

Well I made it thru the G20 Summit in downtown Pittsburgh. It was sad to say that I was at some of the places that sustained damage only days earlier like Pamela's P&G diner. Very sad.

The day before my pal Heather left to go home I headed out to the Phipps Conservatory with the girls. It was totally amazing!!!

Here just a few photos..

Heather's back in the warm Florida weather I decided to stay and help Frankie with things up here. I'll be traveling to Ft.Myers in a bit to help them look for a new home...

Greetings from....


I've made my way back to PA to see the fall colors. So far I've tried quite a few new foods and I've seen a lot of new animals..

Upon my arrival to Pittsburgh I visited The Stripe district where I ate some amazing food..

My first stop was at Pamela's P&G dinner and view some Steeler goodies! I had some excellent food here. look below...

The next day I decided to follow in the footsteps of Adam Richman from Man vs. Food and eat at Deluca's on the strip. I had the superbowl omelet and man was it huge. I know as a duck I probably shouldn't be eating so many eggs, but well I just have to go for it..

Today I visited the Pittsburgh Zoo with my friends Frankie, Karen, and Heather.
It was so much fun, I enjoyed seeing all the animals along the way!!


Well it has been a while since my last travel update, I spent much of August in Texas with my pal Tinz and then stopped into Pittsburgh for a few days in September.

I'm headed out again to PA in a few days to do some heavy lifting and help my friend move to Florida. She's excited to hit the beach. Not sure how I'll hold up in the Gulf of Mexico, but it looks a nice swim..

I'm also booked and ready to go in December to the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk Island on a 8-day cruise aboard Costa's Atlantic Cruise Ship. I'll be visiting El Yunque Rainforest, going on a jeep safari, and swim with some stingrays.

Singing off for now, as I must spend some time with the family before my vacation begin again....

Chappy stopping in here..

I joined facebook and uploaded some stuff there...You can find me as Chappy D. Duck there..

So many photos, so little time..

Wow can't believe I forgot to add the photos of my stockyard adventures and onward.
I made it safely back to Florida with two teenage boys in tow.. I know have been able to swim on both sides of the Gulf of Mexico--in Texas and in Florida.. Not sure which side I like better, I feel more home in Florida though with all my fellow bird friends here in Florida. I've been relaxing in Florida and soaking up the sun! The girls say I need a tan for some adventure they have planned for December, hmmm wonder what kind of trouble they will get into then..

So now for the pictures...

I managed to find my way into the girl's purses and past security to enter Disney's Magic Kingdom. Here I am with the boys and Heather on Small world and then in Minnie's house.


It's Thursday and I'm packing up to head out early tomorrow morning.

Yesterday I headed to Ft.Worth and the Stockyards. I meet a girl there, her name is Blue Bonnet and well we found little Pearl along the way.

My girls found two new buddies that tagged along with us to Ft.Worth!

Pictures tomorrow!